So who has submitted stuff for the E-zine?

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C'mon guys ! Let's flood Darrell with enough stuff that he has *MORE* then needed for the first installment.

book reviews? Yarn reviews? Pattern critiques? Patterns?

Favorite knitter's gadget?

KIP stories?

Knitting on the road stories ?

Submission deadline I believe is next monday.

See the sticky on the home page regarding the e-zine for directions.

Anyone in touch with Mike in Tampa? I'd be willing to bet he has a ton of stuff that would be appropriate.....

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meanwhile - I've been

meanwhile - I've been thinking. (Danger! Danger! - but hey, I was donated a brain cell yesterday)

Have you SEEN a posting here that you would like to see elaborated on, or that you think might make a good article for the e-zine? Why not drop the author a PM and encourage them to submit? TOO man submissions can give a head start on the next issue.

Let's not have this idea be stillborn! It has the potential to do a LOT towards encouraging men knitting - as well as knitting in general.

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We really do need more

We really do need more content! There are some great suggestions in this post. Book reviews rock. Interview one another! Got a BFF on MWK? Write a little article about how your experience making friends on the site. A top 10 list of music to knit by...

I know you're creative... :D

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I'm planning on submitting

I'm planning on submitting an article/report on the men's knitting competition at the L.A. County Fair... but it happens on Sunday (and that's also the due date for articles so I'll be cutting it close)


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Extension granted! :)

Extension granted! :)

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pssssxsttttt! Sunday is the


Sunday is the SEVENTH! You have a whole 24 hours.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I dropped off a sock pattern

I dropped off a sock pattern ;-)

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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I'm doing a little write-up

I'm doing a little write-up on how to make sure that your yarn projects (and your life) don't become YSPs. LOL