MWK- scarf exchange- can anyone tell

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Since I am new here, I notis there is something called MWK- scarf exchange. Can anyone tell me what this is about? Is it possible to join?
All the best from TrondE


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I agree...I had to skip the

I agree...I had to skip the first one due to a hella busy summer but am so glad that you are planning a second, Stuart...I will definitely be in on that one.

Excellent, cant wait. Good

Excellent, cant wait. Good on you Stuart.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Exchanges are always fun! I am thinking on partipating in the next one!

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Hello! I'm your friendly

Hello! I'm your friendly neighborhood scarf exchange host! MMario is right (as usual). We've got MWKSE1 underway right now, which will end in eariy September. After I make certain everyone got their scarf, I'll set up the second one. It will probably have a Holidays/New Year's deadline (for your planning purposes). Keep watching MWK for details!


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The first exchange should be

The first exchange should be finishing up sometime soon ; but we've been promised another!