I'm such a bad tranny...Year of Lace

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Ok...have you heard of Year Of Lace...

I have sooo signed up....


isnt is crazy, that GREAT yarn and patterns from people like Nancy Bush....not bad for $250, and you have till Jan 10 2009 to pay!!!!!!

I cant wait.....SQUEEEEE


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Bad, Bad Tranny, Bad! Now I

Bad, Bad Tranny, Bad! Now I have to spend more money! damn, if I'd never known about this.....Bad Tranny is right!!

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Always a surprise...which

Always a surprise...which makes it even better lol

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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Just enjoy it. I'm sure

Just enjoy it. I'm sure it'll be fun receiving your package. (Who doesn't like receiving packages in the mail?) Will you get a hint of each coming pattern? Or will it always be a surprise?