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just move along, please. No loitering.

A silly pattern; based on a photo someone sent be via e-mail one day.

Done as a square in a heavier yarn it would be suitable as a laprobe. Done as a double down triangle, people probably wouldn;'t figure out the theme. Done as a single triangle; select the recipient with care.

I added the photo that inspired the design.

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Popping this one up again due

Popping this one up again due to a converstaion over on Ravelry.

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I finally got this posted

I finally got this posted over at M2K2 as well

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I was going to start my

I was going to start my mother's birthday sweater tonight at work! You are an evil man, now I think I have to start this. Let me see what yarn/needles I have with me. If I don't start it tonight I will tomorrow, just the kind a guy I am. Too many projects at one time? Define too many...I have at least 12 going now, will any get finished THAT is the question!

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I want the inspirational

I want the inspirational stool AND the blanket on my lap.

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That's hilarious! Can't wait

That's hilarious! Can't wait to see one knitted up.


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first photos (that I've seen

first photos (that I've seen at least) up over at M2K2. The pattern could benefit from a bit of tweaking, but the general *cough* profile *AHEM* is distinct and recognizable.

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the sample was done with a

the sample was done with a heavy fingering (150m/50gm) yarn - and used 900 meters on 6mm needles.

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