Possum/Wool Blend

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Have finally taken the time to learn to photo and post!

Here is a sweater just finished for partner made with possum/wool blend from New Zealand. The pattern is from Knits for Men by Margaret Hubert. Yarn is very soft and was easy to work with. We've dubbed this his "roadkill" sweater!

Possom Arm and Neck.JPG675.22 KB
Possom Sweater Arm Detail.JPG667.43 KB


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Great looking sweater... I

Great looking sweater... I picked up some of this yarn when a local yarn shop went out of business. I haven't knit anything yet with it though. The yarn doesn't seem to make an appearance on shop shelves very often up this way...

Thanks so much for

Thanks so much for mentioning my book and sharing the great photo of the sweater. I love it.


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Possum eh? I've been seeing

Possum eh?
I've been seeing possum yarn for a few years now at our local fiber festival. Might have to try some!
I love the name! (Roadkill)

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog You did a great job, Your partner looks very cute modeling the jumper. I liked that design ,it is simple , masculine yet is color coordinated lol!

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Wow!!! I'm definately

Wow!!! I'm definately adding this to my list of things to make. I particularly like the stand up collar and the black trim. Thanks for sharing.


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Gorgeous Sweater,

Gorgeous Sweater, beautifully constructed, I just love it!


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Great jumper and I also like

Great jumper and I also like the multi-coloured vest.

Knitting wool from Middle Earth, aye? What's the brand name? So many of our wonderful wools go overseas and we are left with very little selection.

As for possums, they are a terrible environmental problem here. They destroy our native habitat and kill kiwis (the birds, not we New Zealanders!). Some fool introduced them to our islands and now we can't seem to get rid of them. But, once dead, they do make some wonderful knitted garments!

Knit like the wind!

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I can't find the wrapper for

I can't find the wrapper for the yarn.............I picked up the yarn in NZ when visiting a couple of years ago. This possum is quite different than the possum we have wandering around the Pacific Northwest!

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Very handsome sweater!

Very handsome sweater!