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“Poetry In Stitches – Clothes you can knit” by Solveig Hisdal; hard cover, 172 pages; 2001 (out of print). It was printed in Denmark but is written in English.

This book might be compared to the Alice Starmore fair isle book – out of print, very desirable and dear to purchase. I was able to get this for a reasonable price.

I first saw it referenced in another book and decided it would be a good addition to my knitting library. I was not disappointed when it arrived in the post yesterday morning and I had the opportunity to give it a good look.

Solveig Hisdal is from Norway and her patterns and garments have a definite Scandanavian feel about them. The book is packed with wondersul colour photographs, both of the knitted garments and also of the things that inspired the patterns (fabrics, paintings, landscapes, art work, etc). There are some child garments, one jumper for a bloke, and the rest are for women. But, the designs are all charted in colour so one could take a particular design and use it on a different garment. There are instructions for knitting all the garments shown in the book.

This is a great book for the stranded knitter who already has all the other books. I think it’s a good reference book as it charts designs which are not traditional for the most part. The photos I’ve included here are just a sample of the creative patterns in the book.

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Just gorgeous and a great

Just gorgeous and a great find. I just searched for this book on Amazon (used books section), it starts at $299 and goes up to $899 American dollars... WOW... I think I'll check my public library first.

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Hi Thank you for the info

Thank you for the info about the book of Solveig Hisdal. She is a part of the Oleana group, here is the link:
All the best fron TrondE

Wow! I feel inspired, and I

Wow! I feel inspired, and I have book envy. Thank you for the opportunity to grow spiritually and not lust after your books. I'm curious, do the patterns call for carrying the colour across the back, or how is it done, or are there many methods?

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The method is the usual

The method is the usual stranded knitting, ie carrying the colours on the back.

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This is one of my favourite

This is one of my favourite knitting books, so it's nice to see it has been translated into English too! I agree with you the photos are wonderful, and I really like it that you get to see where she found inspiration. I've only knitted one of the designs, though - so far...

Thanks for the photographs.

Thanks for the photographs. I could knit every one of those garments. Perhaps I should save for a trip to NZ to browse your growing library.

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Beautiful photos.

Beautiful photos.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Poetry indeed. what beauty can we create if we allow our inner poet to come out. Thanks for sharing as always!