Felted Kitty/Camera Bag

When I started knitting, I went really crazy over yarn having none. If it was on sale, I bought it. At first I picked up alot of novelty yarn, but realized I needed some staples and paid full price for a few non-novelty yarns, one skein was this multicolored wool. I asked my daughter to pick out a novelty yarn, and I would make something from it, and several months later, I did. Using wool of the same colors as the novelty yarn, I knitted this in on piece with no break in the yarn. I knew it would have to be bigger because I was going to felt it, and it took on a life of it's own. It was supposed to be a cigarette pack holder; but when I bound off for the flap (where the ears ended up) I thought the back was high enough and large enough to fold over the whole bag, but it refused, I was wrong and instead the flap looked like ears, so I went with the flow and modified the end of the flap to look like the cat's mouth, and a handle and a nose later it looked like this, after felting. The nose, of course, is a separate black ribbon yarn knitted triangle and stitched on, the clasp is magnetic. As it is one piece, I had to do some fancy in the round temporary stitch holding, with knitted cast increases and picking up stitches after I made the I cord loop for the flap, and again for the handle. I finished with the I-cord handle and picked up three loops on the body and did a two needle bind-off for the final attachment. I didn't write down the pattern and am sad about that because the second one I made didn't look anything like it.


Thanks, as far as

Thanks, as far as rediscovery goes, I've tried twice already and failed, one became an elephant, and the other something else. Still, one day I will try again. I aspire to design.

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I think you did a great job and you were able to improvise a design. I like the choice of colors!

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I ended up making a cute

I ended up making a cute little cat! Yes, a shame you didn't get the pattern ...but maybe you can "rediscover" it?