MWK Scarf Exchange

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Here's a pic - not sure what the camera did to my looks like my dad is posing (hmmm...)

It was great fun to make and I hope the spoilee likes it - or likes regifting it as much as I liked making it.

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(Sigh) I should consider

(Sigh) I should consider myself lucky, I only see Santa when I go past the mirror. Unfortunately it reminds me of all the Santa picture jokes around Christmas. (shudder). BTW, great scarf... seed stitch? I had no idea seed would look that good on a scarf, it really makes it a man's scarf!

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Nope - it's simple garter

Nope - it's simple garter stitch; however done in short rows so that it forms diagonals. I'm hoping the spoilee doesn't realize how easy it was!

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Beautiful Scarf and the dude

Beautiful Scarf and the dude wearing it is quite handsome also. ;-)


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Okay - I was with you for

Okay - I was with you for the first part but at the end - now I know you're lying!

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Nope. Randy



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beautiful colour and

beautiful colour and texture! Lucky spoilee!! I have more sympathy with you than I care to admit regarding your father appearing in a pic in which you were intended to be featured. Mine passed in front of the mirror buck naked when I was getting out of the shower this AM. Scared the crap outta me!

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This got the biggest LOL

This got the biggest LOL I've ever had at a blog post or comment! Only because I know EXACTLY what you mean.

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