Done...with sanity! (YSP #3)

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Here is my sales pitch for this project:

"This dog bed was an exercise in patience, pain management (on multiple fronts), and persistence. Having learned a lot about my thresholds and limits in all three of those areas, I have ultimately decided I would sooner shoot myself in the face than knit one of these again.

"Made with a delightful blend of sexy acrylic boucle and luscious nylon UNfun fur, this dog bed features multiple pillows as inserts created by hand to prevent "poly-fil leakage" during handwashings.

"Watch in delight and joy as your dog immediately leaps out of your newly crafted bed in favor of an older, frayed, beat-up dog bed purchased from a store by relatives of your significant other some two years ago. Smile with glee to see your beautiful dog finally fall asleep in the bed you have made her only after removing all other possible sleeping locations from the vicinity. Revel in the callouses and blisters that the insanely difficult knitting caused. You'll never forget the pleasure of knitting with high-grade acrylic boucle again. In fact, you're SURE to go buy the local craft store out of every last skein!

"Enjoy the fruits of your labor as you bask in the glow, and take in the delightful odor, of acrylic boucle, nylon UNfun fur, and shotty DPN craftsmanship going up in flames. Laugh yourself all the way to a big bottle of liquor. At least when they find you roaming around town naked later that night, your dog will be at home, safe and sound, sleeping snugly in her soft, comfortable, homey new...kennel.


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So - Are you going to write

So - Are you going to write up any of the YSP stories for the MWK magazine? I think they would be great pieces; and even a lot of member probably don't know or don't remember the whole story....

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I was thinking of writing

I was thinking of writing something, but I haven't determined specifically what. Might be a YSP story, might not. LOL Whatever my "mood" dictates.

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Lucky pup! What we do for

Lucky pup! What we do for our dogs, aye?

Knit like the wind!

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You definitely have a career

You definitely have a career as a writer!!!! LOL

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Heh. Thanks.

Heh. Thanks.

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The bed looks great, you did

The bed looks great, you did a great job. I wouldn't be too upset that He didn't take to it right away, dogs are creatures of habit.


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Isn't that the truth,

Isn't that the truth, though! I think she'll like it more once it's been "worn in" a know, gets a little squishier or whatever.

Another YSP then, Yugi?

Another YSP then, Yugi?

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Oh yes. Most definitely.

Oh yes. Most definitely. The middle section where I was just doing a 2x2 rib was WONDERFUL, but the top and bottom were a pain to knit, especially the horizontal I-cords that circle the bed at the top (between the ribbing and the UNfun fur) and the bottom (at the point where the bottom and the sides meet). The difficulty level of the bed is extremely low, but the constant changing of needles and the tightness of those three areas (top, bottom, I-cords) made knitting really challenging.

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If thats a Labrador it's a

If thats a Labrador it's a HUGE bed teehee... well done, its cute and looks comfortable, but you have put me off adding it to my list LOL.. anyway, my dogs would eat it the first night :)


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LOL At least if she'd eaten

LOL At least if she'd eaten it, I'd know she genuinely liked it. Heh. Yeah, next dog bed would be cheaper, easier, and probably more wanted by her as a store-bought. :-D