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I finally started working on a new project (I've been working on a dog bed, but I've hit a point where I have to stuff the shell now, so I can't bring it into work as easily) with some of the yarn my partner brought back for me from Australia. It's a bulky yarn that's a very soft blend of wool, alpaca, and acrylic (50%, 20%, and 30%, respectively). The scarf I started (the Fisherman's Scarf from "Knitting With Balls") is just way too bland for me. Anyone know of any good, masculine, FREE scarf patterns? Thank you!


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YUgi - it's simple. Knit a

YUgi - it's simple. Knit a squirrel, except subsitute a scarf for the tail. That should keep things "interesting"

Try googling "Palindrome" Or find a cable pattern you like.

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LMAO That's hilarious. I'm

LMAO That's hilarious. I'm picturing myself wandering around with a squirrel perched on my shoulder and a long, floofy squirrel-tail scarf wrapped around me connected to him.

Then again, that would just look like a Squirrel Constricter who was trying to kill me.

So I guess that's still appropriate. LOL

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I'm working on the Not Quite

I'm working on the Not Quite Straight Scarf right now, which should be a good finished product, but the pattern isn't all that exciting either.


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Thanks for the idea. I'm

Thanks for the idea. I'm thinking I've been too spoiled by knitting stuffed animals and other non-clothing items so that now I see a scarf pattern and I'm like, "Meh..."