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Well I am having to spin more and more Angora for the shawl, its going to be quite a big project so hopefully I will be finished in time for the show in the first week of September.

In the meantime I was taken by the undulating scarf pattern I have seen on here and other sites. I love the way the stiches appear to twist and turn in different directions. I ordered a kit from Jimmy Beans Wool site, and it arrived in the UK in only a few days ! of course I couldn't wait to get going on it. It is a very easy pattern, once I mastered the tricky "purl two together through back stitch " It has been very helpful in learning to use a chart and understanding the importance of using different decrease methods to get different slopes on the wrong and right sides. All in all very satisfying and educating and I am sure this will come in useful when attempting more lace work from charts. The yarn is Schaefer Heather Indira Ghandi , not that impressed with the colour really. I didn't use the beads but have kept them, so I might repeat this pattern using Angora for another product competition later in the year and use the beads then. Back to the shawl...... :)

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I tried the pattern a few

I tried the pattern a few weeks ago without the beads, and wasn't very happy with it, had lots of large holes in it. Yours looks a little tighter, did you skip some of the YOs? I love the idea, just can't seem to get it to work...? And, in case it hasn't been said a thousand times, great pix!

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I thnk I saw that pattern in

I thnk I saw that pattern in one of my stitchionaries recently.....
I like it, the texture holds up to the variagation.

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Beautifully done, the colors

Beautifully done, the colors are really nice with the pattern.


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Not been able to find a free

Not been able to find a free version of the pattern. Here it is on Ravelry with links to Schaeffer:
and the kit I bought from Jimmy Beans:
From Ravelry it also looks good in one colour.
thanks for the kind comments :)

That is really very nice.

That is really very nice. It looks great. Be proud!

Banjo Lee Jones

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that's so cute. where did

that's so cute. where did you say you got the pattern from? jimmy beans wool?

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*Wonderful* pattern. Love

*Wonderful* pattern. Love the "undulations". Can you point us to a pattern. Would love to try it in a scarf. P.S. Love your website re: angoras!

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Really, really beautiful and

Really, really beautiful and love the colors. Decreases, who knew there were so many...

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oh my that is so beautiful

oh my that is so beautiful