Hexagon/Triangle Afghan

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I arrived home in Istanbul safely this morning and haven't even unpacked yet, but want to show you what I've been working on. Before I left I'd found several hexagon patterns on the net and decided that I liked this one the best http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/brea/brea.html. Norah Gaughan used a partial hexagon in the pattern to form a bag. I'm using the full hexagon with triangles between every edge. It may look like I didn't get much done, but I'm not going to show you all of the false starts and can't show you everything that I unraveled... But I'm happy with how its fitting together now.
BTW, have any of you attempted to knit an equalateral triangle, from the outside toward the center, on two needles? Just wondering how close my method is to anybody elses.
I also managed to weave about 60 squares on my little Weave-It loom and swim in the Mediterranean every day. It was nice!


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Totally amazing work, it is

Totally amazing work, it is going to ba fantastic when it is finished.

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Thanks. Trying to work on

Thanks. Trying to work on it some every day. Hope to have it done by the end of September or at least before I go back to Patara, whichever comes first.

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wait... you're making a

wait... you're making a BLANKET out of these hexagons? now THAT will be gorgeous! I can't wait to see it - (but I think I'll have to!) haha


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Well, an afghan really,

Well, an afghan really, about 3'x5'... The hexagons from edge to opposite edge are just over 9".

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Beautiful, your creations

Beautiful, your creations never cease to amaze me!