Quick Patara Update

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If you are following my adventures, I leave tomorrow evening via bus to Istanbul. While in Patara I really struggled with getting a decent looking equalateral triangle, knitted flat from the outside in. Finally got the decreases to look good (thanks Mario), but then agonized over the center finish. After many false starts, I finally have something that I can live with.
'Triangles?', you may ask... While researching on the net for different hexagon designs, I saw a mention that triangles could be used between hexagons. Well, of course they can and I decided to try it.
So, while I haven't made a lot of progress, I've learned about many different methods of decreasing and have come to appreciate how difficult it is to devise a really good looking design. So my hat is off to Norah Gaughan. I2m using one of her hexagon designs again.
Will post pics when I get home.


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Why not go with Octogons and

Why not go with Octogons and squares? It would make life a lot simpler....

Isn't it pentagons that need triangles between them? I though hexagons nested with no spare space. (attempting to visualize this - but the mindscreen is blank.)

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No, you are absolutely

No, you are absolutely right. Hexagons fit together very nicely. But to spread out the design,I decided to try the triangles. Now that I've ironed out the bugs, I think it will be very nice. Pics coming shortly...

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Have a great trip and good

Have a great trip and good luck on your designing.