Chemo Caps

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Another cousin of mine is going through chemo currently for ovarian cancer (Stage 1AC). She asked for some chemo caps.

I took a super basic hat "recipe" and adapted accordingly. The pink one was WAY TOO BIG so my sister finger crocheted a cord and laced it through the hat... then we arranged it like a flouncy french beret!

The second hat is a very form fitting skull cap in pale yellow with a blue stripe. I casted on when I boarded the plane on Wednesday in Chicago and got it up to the point that I thought I needed to do the top decreases. I finished the hat at the Mimi's wedding reception so I had Kathleen right there for fittings on the fly.

I used "Oh My!" yarn... an acrylic... that is completely machine washable that is super soft, super cushy and lush feeling. Kathleen loved them... especially since her head gets so cold now without any hair!

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That "Oh My!" yarn is

That "Oh My!" yarn is sooooooo soft.

Cancer's a bear. My dad was treated for prostate cancer. The treatments these days are fantastic, though, and he's been super healthy since his last course of radiation therapy two years ago. My gramma, sadly, passed away recently from advanced colon cancer they had no clue she even had until just a couple of months before she died.

She looks happy and healthy (not that I'm a doctor). My best wishes and thoughts go out to her and yours and her family.

I love the pink one - it's

I love the pink one - it's very jaunty. Best wishes to your cousin.

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Very nice, your cousin looks

Very nice, your cousin looks wonderful in them. Best wishes and prayers for her full recovery.


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Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you for your prayers.