Day late, dollar short, but here it is...

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Still need to block out the ends, but I love it. Was worth all the work to track down the yarn.


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ahhh, such a gorgeous

ahhh, such a gorgeous scarf...I love how the colors striped up...I want one!!!!! lol

This is a really nice

This is a really nice colourway. Did you manipulate the stripes or just let them roll out? I can see why you were anxious to get these colours.

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Nicey NIce... Born

Nicey NIce...

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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Gotta add my compliments

Gotta add my compliments too! Looks like a great width/weight for our milder Californina winters.

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It looks great!

It looks great!

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Love the colors. It really

Love the colors. It really is a nice job.

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Beautiful. I love those

Beautiful. I love those colours.

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That's a great looking

That's a great looking scarf. Veramente una bella sciarpa!


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Just beautiful! You did

Just beautiful! You did good!


Wow that is nice! How much

Wow that is nice! How much did the yarn cost you? It is really beautiful.

Banjo Lee Jones

You know, i've seen noro in

You know, i've seen noro in stores and up until now, i'd never understood why it was so expensive. i had no idea how nice it looked knitted up....

thanks for sharing the pic.