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As mentioned in a previous post, I'd like to put together a zine with contributed articles, patterns, resources, and images that you think other people would like to see.

Some exquisite assistance has been lined up with the design and layout side of things, so take a gander below at what all of you can contribute to make this thing a success:

Articles: What's a magazine without articles, right? There's a huge breadth of themes possible here ranging from design, tool reviews, book reviews, interviews... if it would be good reading, send a pitch!

Patterns: Some of you have very popular patterns documented here on the site. If you'd like to share that with even more people, send me a link to your post. For unpublished patterns, send on the pattern and images of the finished product.

Resources: Local knitting groups you attend, upcoming events, amazing web resources... All that kind of stuff.

Images: What's a magazine without pretty pictures, right? If you've got some gorgeous knitting-related photographic artistry you'd like to share, I'd be grateful.

Anything else you have in mind that you think would be good fodder, just let me know!

Now, each piece of content to its author and I'm wrapping the whole e-zine in the following Creative Commons license to keep it free to share, but unalterable or allowing other people to rip your good work. I suggest each contributor take a look at the various licenses and review them, as well.

Let's make something cool, useful, and beautiful together!

Please submit all pitches and ideas to with "zine" in the subject line so we can talk about them. Right now, we're shooting for a 9/8/2008 deadline for submissions!

Thanks in advance!


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okay - here's an idea:

okay - here's an idea: Darrel picks a number of contributors - and a cable pattern .

and each person designs a scarf around the cable.

There would probably need to be a few other parameters, such as requireing each design to include some sort of edge treatment, such as bordering the scarf with a mini cable, or an eyelet or seed stitch border....

anyway - it's an idea for a future issue.

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I really quite like that, as

I really quite like that, as I'm making an awful lot of scarves these days: trying to make the perfect one to send to my Dublin angel.

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That sounds like fun, I

That sounds like fun, I would join that.


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and I just thought of an

and I just thought of an added twist. Put the patterns in the e-zine w/out the designer's names - and see if people can match designs to designers.



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would yours be the pattern

would yours be the pattern with a cable made out of lace or would it be a cable surrounded by lace?


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I can (if I put my mind to

I can (if I put my mind to it) knit something not lace. Sometimes.

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So - Inquireing minds want

So - Inquireing minds want to know (read as: I'm a noisy so-and-so)

How's the prospect? Did you get

a) not enough

b) enough for a first issue

c) tons and tons

Do we need to nag people? Beg and Plead?

Or roll over, whimper and suffer a stillborn death?

Or are we joyfully anticipating?

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At this point, I'd say 'b'

At this point, I'd say 'b' and joyfully anticipating. *grin*

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YES YES YES do tell! Born

YES YES YES do tell!

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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If you see my Knitting blog

If you see my Knitting blog at

Charles' Lifestyle and Knitting

I do lots of reviews on knitting books, pattern and magazine. Each post, It takes time to take a pic, each by each and post on my blog. I also reviewed on seasonal knitwear review and video cast too.

I love to do Knitting Colum and review from you!

Idea for my colum: (Each Issue)

1. Winter knitwear review (See my Video Cast for spring review)
2. Menly socks pattern review
3. Art of yarn dye(I do teach yarn dyeing class at LYS)
4. Seasonal yarn Review
5. Project of the Month
6. Art as Knitting (Color Study, extra..)

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Block of the month

Block of the month club.....

I have enjoyed the block of the month idea at my lys. It has been fun to knit a new stitch that I haven't done, or re-learning a stitch that in the past has givin me troubles. It has been neat to see the different colors of yarn used for each month and how the colors are blending together. I think this has also brought us closer as a community of knitters at the lys. When I see someone out and about I have asked and been asked how my block is coming along or vice versa. If you need any suggestions on patterns for the blocks I have all of them saved from the lys, and would be willing to share.
Barry the Kilted Knitter

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This is a fantastic idea.

This is a fantastic idea. Would you mind if I used it for the group I attend in Cardiff here in Wales?
I am only just starting out, so leaning new stitches and working with new yarns would be very helpful.
Love your Kilt by the way.

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I sent in a sock pattern

I sent in a sock pattern :-)

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

I am working on a mens

I am working on a mens sweater design in SuperYak that I would be wiling to contribute. I am using the Barbara Walker top down methodology, but I plan on writing it out as a pattern as I go. It may be awhile, but I will keep you posted once I have the initial design finished.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I think the idea is fantastic, and some of my patterns are actually neutral in gender, but made by a man. I would not mind getting the thinking cap on and see if I can come up with a pattern for a man later on. One of my frustrations is that most patterns are there for women. Well I even consider boy, infant atuff in my men who knit patterns. Sometimes the color or the modification of a pattern makes it more suitable for a man to wear. My philosophy in 99% of the things that I consider for me to wear or make is, anything can be made to be worn by a man if you use the right colors and design. Anyway , anything I can do to help as well you know where to find me lol!

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I propose, with Asplund's

I propose, with Asplund's permission, this picture as the cover for the first issue (if there is a cover). That is one of my all time favorite photos.


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Permission? It would be an

Permission? It would be an honour!
Thanks, Randy!

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Make that two votes!

Make that two votes!

Me three!

Me three!

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Once again I'll offer,

Once again I'll offer, professional typographer, I'd be more than happy to help with layout, typeset, etc. Let me know how I can help. And thanks to St. Mario for keeping this on top. Especially today.

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Darrel made it "sticky" - so

Darrel made it "sticky" - so I can't take credit.

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I'll be happy to contribute

I'll be happy to contribute - not sure what, though! Perhaps I could write about different things I've knitted: mistakes I made and how I could have avoided them, what made me choose a particular fiber/colour/pattern, generally about how I "plan" a sweater... Hopefully, some of it could be useful.
I don't know if my Flickr pictures are interesting, but do have a look and see if you find anything. My username is Asplund there too.
I'm afraid I'm not likely to have anything by the first deadline, but hopefully for some future issue.

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I would LOVE to

I would LOVE to participate!

[typing away for possible submission material]


I would be willing to help

I would be willing to help out with anything that you would like to do. The first deadline may be cutting it too close for me but I know I could make the second deadline. It all sounds great. Do you have a website that the non-published things will go into so that we could see our progress of wjat is in there and that issue and the issues coming up?

Banjo Lee Jones

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Banjo! There's a


There's a possibility of keeping some abstracts of works in progress, but I wouldn't want to keep things up in their entirety as that would take away from the "newness" of each issue.

The collaborative process will get some work once the first issue is out... Gotta learn by doing! It'd be nice if folks are working as a team on something that they could have their own little sandbox. Google docs might be a nice way of doing that...

If you want to submit something small for the first issue, go for it! A puff piece perhaps

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not sure if I'll be able to

not sure if I'll be able to make the 9/8 deadline for the piece I'll be working on (covering the Los Angeles County Fair and Men's Knitting Competition) but I'll do my best! :) - I believe the contest is on the 6th or 7th...


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hey Darrel - any way to make

hey Darrel - any way to make this "sticky" so it stays on the front page and/or at the top of the "recent posts" list?
That way it would be seen by the people who don't drop in as often.

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popping back to the top of

popping back to the top of the recent post list

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And of course - a most

And of course - a most important question: do you have any DATES as to when you would like submissions for the first issue? Even a rough date - such as "sometime in Sptember" or "Early October"?

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Does 9/8 for submissions

Does 9/8 for submissions give y'all enough time? Anything submitted after can just get rolled in to the next issue.

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Sounds good to me.

Sounds good to me.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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just moving this back up in

just moving this back up in the "recent mesages" list so that people see it.

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MMario's picture

Just a little note to bring

Just a little note to bring this back into the "recent postings" list

And some questions regarding the nitty gritty.

What will be the best way to submit items? Word docs? PDF? text and attched files for charts, graphs, images?

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I can handle any and all

I can handle any and all file attachments, so whatever is easiest for y'all is good for me! Text and word docs are easier, but I work a lot with PDFs and can get stuff out of them pretty easily. I expect to do a bit of retooling with the submissions as part of the editorial process and I'm sure I'll learn quite a bit from the first issue and might have firmer requirements to speed along the production process.

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Hey Darrell, Right on!!!

Hey Darrell,

Right on!!! Would love to contribute. I'm happy to give free use of any pix in my Flickr stream (which include fiber, spindles, completed objects, men knitting/spinning/crocheting, etc.). I'm also down to contribute any writing you need as well.

Stephen (hizKNITS) and I just published our latest Yknit about the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat and we're currently working with GrandFatherKnits to brainstorm potential locations for a Men's Fall Knitting Retreat. Could be a good first story!

Honestly, I'm happy to help in any way you need me. I might even be coaxed to finally get off my butt and finish some patterns!

Whooo Hooo,

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Yay Mike!! I'll take a look

Yay Mike!! I'll take a look through your Flickr stream and see whatcha got. An article about the retreats would be great, too. I'm heading out of town for a week to deal with some family issues, but let's stay in touch and keep brainstorming!

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What are you thinking at the

What are you thinking at the moment re: frequency? Quarterly?

FWIW - I pitched Darrel a series idea -

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That depends on the quantity

That depends on the quantity and frequency of submissions. I'd love to do a monthly, but quarterly might be a better goal to start out with and then going monthly once a good process has been established.

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It's coincidental that you

It's coincidental that you post this today because just today someone in the Men Who Knit Ravelry group was commenting that since there's so little out there in the way of men's patterns that we should get together and make something ourselves. I posted a reply with a link to this post.

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Yep... that's the same thing

Yep... that's the same thing we've all been saying for years. Thankfully, a few folks have published some male-focused knitting books and they've done well and there's still plenty of room to grow within our niche. Thanks for linking back to the site, too!

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I agree - It's a fantastic

I agree - It's a fantastic idea; it's that "photo of the finished object" that kills me.

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Amen to that! Of course,

Amen to that!

Of course, if I could get the hubby to model the thong that I made for him, maybe my photography skills (or lack of) would be overlooked.

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Await the photo ... Maybe I

Await the photo ... Maybe I could submit a photo of the willie warmer I knit.

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Oh I'm sure that'd be the

Oh I'm sure that'd be the case... :)

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great idea! I emailed

great idea! I emailed you...