Hi guys. Wanted to do this for ever ... and now I have ... I've been knitting for years, but I've never done it consistently enough to get very fast. Mostly I've done hats ... now I'm working on a Fair Isle sock pattern and a cable hat pattern ... (pictures later) ... One day would love to knit an intricate chullo and a Gansy. I've never knitted a sweater. We'll see.

I look forward to hanging around a bunch of guys who knit.



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Welcome........ Its a


Its a great place here a MWK. Looking forward to getting to know you better.





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Hello Tony, Welcome to MWK.

Hello Tony,

Welcome to MWK.


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Hi Tony, A warm welcome to

Hi Tony,

A warm welcome to you! I found this site a few years back when I was just picking up yarn and needles after a several year hiatus, and it was just what I needed! It's a great site, there's lots of info available, and a lot of different kinds of folks with a lot of varied experience. And it's just downright fun to see what other guys are knitting!

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

thanks for the welcome

thanks for the welcome

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Welcome aboard,

Welcome aboard, Tony..........the ride is fun and enjoyable!

Knit on....

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Welcome, Tony! (wink!) I

Welcome, Tony! (wink!) I look forward to seeing pictures of your projects. In the meantime, enjoy the company (we're very friendly) and come sit next to me!

Thanks for the great

Thanks for the great welcome. Keep smiling.

Welcome Tony. You will like

Welcome Tony. You will like it here. I am fairly new and the guys make you feel great.

Banjo Lee Jones

Thanks a lot. You have a

Thanks a lot. You have a pretty wild web site. It's great. Later.

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Welcome to the site, Tony,

Welcome to the site, Tony, it's a fantastic place