Shawl we talk?

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A very close friend of mine is getting married in late September, and I told her I would like to knit her a shawl as a wedding gift. She was thrilled by this idea, and her fiance said she would like one, too. (You read that correctly: they are lesbians.) I don't think I can finish two before their wedding, so I said I can knit something that can be for the both of them...something that is a symbol of their union. (Too gushingly sweet for words, right?) I said I would make something elegant and something blue so that they would have their something new and something blue already taken care of. Great idea...except I don't have a shawl pattern!!

Does anyone have any ideas for a simple yet elegant first shawl attempt? I have looked at some of MMario's designs, particularly the Fauz Spanish and the Damascus but I think those might be a little too challenging for a fairly new knitter (about 6 months now) that has only done some simple lace patterns (yo and ssk and psso type things).

So I ask you to direct me to a particularly book that has some good shawls or share some of your shawl patterns.



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Maybe you can do a really

Maybe you can do a really big one that will wrap around both of them in the ceremony to signify unity.


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I think your idea is

I think your idea is perfect!

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So I have the pattern for

So I have the pattern for the faux lace and I have the yarn I am going to use. It is not silk...I thought that was a little too slippery and too fine with me to work with on my first go at it, but I didn;t want to try it on a bulkier yarn. (I went digging through the archives on this site and found the pattern and some pictures of someone else's faux lace shawl. It looked good in the thicker yarn but I wanted something a little finer.) So I have a felted tweed and a malabrigo (sp?) that I am trying out. The felted tweed on size 8 needles looks nice after 5 rows. I am going to try it out with the malabrigo and see which one I like best.

Thanks for all the help!!

I vouch for the faux lace

I vouch for the faux lace shawl....

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My advice for

My advice for shawls?

*Count, count, count.*
Repeat from * to * every row. I mean EVERY row! Every pattern repeat is even better. Tinking one row is easier than frogging several.

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I just did the Faux Spanish

I just did the Faux Spanish Lace Shawl for my cousin to wear at her wedding on Friday. She wanted it embelleshed with fresh water pearls to help weight it as I knitted it up in an alpaca-silk ("Fino" by Alpaca With A Twist). It is a spectacular shawl, very easy to do... VERY EASY... big impact. My first one took me two months to do but with a little focus, I completed this one in just three weeks!! I highly recommend it. I will post pics of mine later this evening.

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I wanna see! I wanna

I wanna see! I wanna see!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Damascus *is* a bit more

Damascus *is* a bit more complicated. Or rather; not complicated but it does take a bit more attention.

the faux spanish is available here at MWK:

a slightly more elegant variation is 'Placida Flamenco' - (aka Placida Flamingo) which I'm pretty sure I have posted here, but I cannot find it at the moment....

All my patterns are available at MMarioKKNits if you join that yahoo group.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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HOnestly, you can't get much

HOnestly, you can't get much simpler then the 'Faux Spanish' ; it is really just a large swatch.

BUTit gives a LOT of impact for it's simplicity. It looks much more complicated then it actually is, and more-so when knit with slightly large needles for the yarn weight.

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I actually don't have the

I actually don't have the pattern for the Faux Spanish. I only have your Damascus pattern. Where can I find the Faux Spanish one?

My first lace effort at the

My first lace effort at the end of last year was MMario's Faux Spanish and both the recipient and I were delighted with it. It was very easy to knit (just those yo, ssk and psso that you mention) but not mind numbing. You could possibly get two done in time. Others on here will testify to the speed at which this shawl grows and the simple elegance of it when it is blocked out. I highly recommend it.