I dyed yesterday

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I've only dyed one other time using Kool-Aid and it wasn't such a great experience. However, yesterday a friend of mine invited several people over because it was "a good day to dye." So I had some alpaca that I had spun that was an off-white. Dropped it into the dye pot and voila! The pretty golden sun color that I wanted was achieved. Notice the small skein of my first/test batch of dye. What fun.


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I used the jacquared dyes

I used the jacquared dyes which you can find here http://www.jacquardproducts.com/
I blended a good bit of yellow and only needed a bit of red to accomplish the gold color. I have to give credit where credit is due, my friend Abby was a great teacher who held my hand every step of the way. It was quite fun to learn to dye.

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Afree, the colors are

Afree, the colors are amazing, very rich and intense. What kind of dye did you use?

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I'm not sure what impresses

I'm not sure what impresses me more, the dyeing or the spinning? I would love to try both.


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Great! Job! I was

Great! Job!

I was recentely told about kool-aid dyeing, I thought I would get some inexpensive cotton yarn and let my Granddaughter try and dye some yarn. Sounds like a fun project to do together.
Barry-the Kilted Knitter

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not cotton. Kool-aid is for

not cotton. Kool-aid is for protien based dyes - it doesn't take on cellulose based. Nylon it will dye though, I'm told; I haven't tried it.

some knitpicks bare is pretty inexpensive.

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So what kind of dyeing was

So what kind of dyeing was this? I'm assuming the darker one is the test skein?


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Awesome color! Great job!

Awesome color! Great job!

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Beautiful, I want to try

Beautiful, I want to try dying soon. I would love to hand paint some sock yarn.