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OK, gentlemen,
I've got a couple of wool scarves that need to be blocked. I happen to own an industrial garment steamer. I'm wondering, instead of the traditional blocking, could I just lay 'em out flat and steam them? Shrink isn't really a prob since it's a scarf. What do you think? Thanks, as always for your brilliant comments....


have you done it yet? let us

have you done it yet? let us know how it worked out. the worst thing that happens is you end up with a shrunken scarf. be sure to measure it before and afterwards...

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pin/wire//stretch; THEN

pin/wire//stretch; THEN steam to "set" the memory of the yarn.

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I've used a garment steamer

I've used a garment steamer before. I have a blocking board and pin the project out on blocking wires before steaming and then let it dry. I've had very good results this way. Good luck!

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I steamed a stockinette

I steamed a stockinette scarf made from Noro yarn and it really didn't do much of anything for it.


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You might find that it

You might find that it doesn't shrink uniformly and that may cause them to be mishapen. If you steam them through a towel that might stop any shrinkage and allow you to shape the scarves.

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