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I finally finished the baby blanket and washed it. Then I did my best effort to block it a little.

I've attached a picture. It is kinda hard to see because I put it on the bed with sage colored sheets and it kinda blends in.

I'm so happy to have this thing finished. Now I have no excuse to avoid studying for the bar though. I have to kick it in gear.

I should say this is this pattern from Ravelry


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Beautiful work!

Beautiful work!

Beautiful work on the

Beautiful work on the blanket. I'm going to do one soon, but am waiting to learn the gender of the child before picking a color. I may have to give that pattern a shot.

And don't kill yourself on the bar exam prep. I know, it's a big stressful event, but when I took (and passed) the bar, I needed to have an outlet and remind myself frequently to not take it all too seriously when I was studying. It seemed to me that the people who passed were more often the ones who had a balanced outlook on everything, and the people who had trouble were the ones who stressed out too much and took everything too seriously. All the bar exam is is state sponsored hazing. 80 year old lawyers would be so disappointed if the new crop didn't have to feel the same discomfort they did. Passing the bar exam on the first try won't make you a good lawyer, and failing three times before passing (like my brother did) doesn't make you a bad one (which he most certainly is not). Realize that six months into practice, you'll have forgotten three quarters of what you learned for the bar (I don't think I've had a commercial paper issue at all in practice, but I sure knew it for the bar).

As one of my professors told me when I was waiting on him at the restaurant where I was working at the time (one of those outlets I had was working), "This too shall pass...and you too shall pass."

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You did a beautiful job on

You did a beautiful job on the blanket. It is gorgeous. It is definitely on my list of projects to do.

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Great job. What a wonderful,

Great job. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift.

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WOW! What a stunning baby

WOW! What a stunning baby blanket! It looks too nice for a baby! haha

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what a beautiful baby

what a beautiful baby afghan...... who ever is getting this afghan should be very proud of u b/c i know i am very proud...

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Gorgeous Blanket! I'll have

Gorgeous Blanket! I'll have to add that to my Ravelry queue.