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So, I'm back...not that I ever held a great pressence on this site or anything to begin with, but I joined about 2 years ago when I feel deeply in-love with knitting. I quickly moved through a bunch of easy projects only to get frusterated with an attempt at a cable-knit scarf and slowly stopped knitting all together...just time and what not.

But I have always wanted to start up again, and now I am going to! But I have a question for everyone...Part of the reason I moved away form knitting in the first place is that I was getting bored with the basics, but the complexity of more difficult patterns seemed to take away the joy of just sitting and knitting away (I know, I know...I am not trying to whine). My question is, does anyone have any suggestion of a project that would be good for a biggner but also that's a bit interesting or differnt? Does that even make sense?! Maybe not...In any event, and suggestions are greatly appreciate! Most of all, it's great to be back!


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Silver's Palindrome Scarf is

Silver's Palindrome Scarf is relatively easy and is interesting as the cables show on both sides instead of just one.


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I don't know if Mason was

I don't know if Mason was directly saying this or not, but he's right if he was; the pattern I suggested is "one-sided" (i.e. the cables only look nice from one side of the scarf). The pattern Mason just suggested is reversible (i.e. looks nice on both sides). I hadn't seen the Palindrome scarf before -- I'm going to have to give it a try. :-) (Thanks Mason!)

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Nah, I was just pointing out

Nah, I was just pointing out that the reversible cable pattern is something different and interesting, not knocking any others as most cable patterns are one-sided. I find it's a great idea for a scarf.

You're welcome.


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I recently finished the Lacy

I recently finished the Lacy Zigzag Shawl pattern, which I found at Knitting Pattern Central, and is from the Coats and Clark website, which is mostly just plain garter stitch, but has enough yarnovers and decreases that it kept my interest and attention, and was really good practice for the full on lace project I'm doing now.

(I know, everyone seems to want pictures. I'm working on it. I'll have my digital camera soon, and get some posted.)

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Welcome back, New! One

Welcome back, New!

One suggestion I have would be to go to your local yarn store and ask THEM. If they have a suggestion for a pattern that looks interesting but complicated, ask them if they would sit down with you and answer your questions about the pattern. If you buy your yarn from them, they would probably even be willing to have you bring in the project and ask questions when you get stuck. This sort of helpfulness and expertise is what LYS are best at.

Being a beginner and trying to figure out everything on your own can certainly be daunting!

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I've been working on the

I've been working on the Cabled Scarf (by Kristin Spurkland) from the Knitting (Man)ual. It's a little different than a plain scarf (which I typically HATE doing because I get bored with them) but repetitive enough that I don't have to spend a lot of time re-learning what I'm doing at each row. I'm working SLOWLY on it (It's my "car" project right now... I keep it there for times when I'm stuck by trains or waiting for someone) but really enjoy it. It's definitely suitable for a beginner, even if you've never done cables before I think you'll probably pick it up quickly.

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