Big Splurge....

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OK. I did it. Bought enough pure alpaca yarn for a scarf. Feels like fiber butter, deep black. I'm gonna need a security guard with me when I wear it, though....
Now, the pattern.... I'm thinking simple, classy masculine, but with some pattern. Any suggestions? (MMario......!) Recommended needle is a US 7...


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Hmm, thanks for all the

Hmm, thanks for all the great suggestions...
I was thinking about entrelac, but would like to to be reversible. Can entrelac be worked in a k1p1 rib?

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it sure can...the ribbing

it sure can...the ribbing will change directions which should highlight things.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I normally never disagree

I normally never disagree with mMario (I sometimes need his help with his patterns!!) but in this case I'm not so sure I would go with cables, simply because you say the color is a deep black. I'm not sure the cables would 'pop' enough to be worth the effort. You might want to look at the Rainy Day Scarf ( I made that using Malabrigo in a deep purple-black colorway and it turned out lovely.

But with deep black I'd tend to keep any patterning pretty simply UNLESS you wanted to try for a bit of lacework which would open up some holes to let through whatever underlying color you might be wearing.


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*thwack* I forgot about the

*thwack* I forgot about the colour.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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The Irish hiking scarf (free

The Irish hiking scarf (free pattern on the internet) is a nice one. Or you could do it as a reversible cable.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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MMM Alpaca. Dreamy. I just

MMM Alpaca. Dreamy. I just finished spinning nearly 500 yards and it feels so yummy. You will love it. I find that with solid yarns you might want a pattern that has some "texture" to it.

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Does anyone know if "yarn

Does anyone know if "yarn envy" is a diagnosed condition? Is there any treatment?

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Yes, it is written up in

Yes, it is written up in ICD-10. It is described as a relapsing chronic illness. Initial symptoms are subtle. Over time they become more pronounced. Treatment is symptomatic only: purchasing or receiving gifts of yarn, needles or other fiber toys provides temporary relief. There is no known cure.

There was a case report in a 2007 issue of the Journal of Fiber Related Disease Management of a 43 year old man who owned his own 45 head alpaca ranch who required hospitalization when he found out his neighbor had added cashmere goats to her heard of llama. He was finally successfully treated by cold compresses to the brow using angora soaked in lanolin. The nurse that devised the treatment is being considered for the 2008 Nobel Prize in Fleece and Fiber Arts.

The condition is rarely terminal. Dying of it unfortunately means that your heirs win because they get your stash. But, it also appears that there is a genetic component as these heirs also develop the disease.

Research is ongoing at many university medical centers. Volunteers for experimental treatments may consult their specialist at their LYS.

Donations to help support, I mean combat, this malady may be made by sending cash, checks, or yarn to my email address.

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Can I steal this to post as

Can I steal this to post as a file over on my yahoo group?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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But of course. Wish I could

But of course. Wish I could have been so wordy when I was writing in school. It was alway a chore. Maybe knitting has helped my writing. Or maybe I'm more full of shit than I was then.



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LOL, I love it. Randy

LOL, I love it.


Look at this site:

Look at this site: For those of us who pay in sterling the exchange rate is fantastic and it makes alpaca a very affordable yarn - even with postage charges.

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Hooray for ALPACA

Hooray for ALPACA !'ll love every minute you're knitting with it!