First piece of the needles

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Wahoo I finished my first piece of knitting ever. Although this is the second piece I started it is actually the first piece to be "bound off". I have been lazy spinning the fibre to finish the first piece.

Knitted with Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn, just under 1 x100g ball. Needles were Knit-picks Wooden Harmonies size 10 (7mm) . Loved using these needles, feel really nice in your hands and I actually love the colour of them.

The pattern is Mmario's Faux Spanish Lace pattern, so easy to follow and easy to memorise. I could knit this shawl again from memory anytime :)

My next project is the Queen Anne Shawl using homespun Angora in four colours from my own herd. There is a big Angora products competition in September which I hope to be able to enter it into the beginner class .. better get busy eh :)

First piece down :)

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Well done Don. Looks

Well done Don. Looks absolutely fantastic. I really like the colours, you should be very proud. I can just imagine how soft it must feel. Are you a lace addict now? cant wait to see your QAL. If its anything like this one I imagine it is going to look just as beautiful

That really looks nice sir.

That really looks nice sir. I am impressed. I have been looking at the Alpacas yarns and also the same needles that you speak of. I am going to purchase them and make me something real nice, but right now I am just staying very simple as I ease myself back into to the knitting scene.

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That's amazing, I'm truly

That's amazing, I'm truly impressed!


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Looks loverly. I'm always

Looks loverly. I'm always amazed at how beatuiful such a simple pattern turn out.

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