Easy Lace Project

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This is a bookmark that I made for an exchange group I belong to.
The pattern is called Pine Tree and the pattern can be found here (look on left side for Pine Tree Bookmark. I think the is a great project for anyone wanting to try lace on a small scale. It is made from standard cotton crochet thread size 10 and size 1 needles. It was really a fun project and didn't take long.



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That is a beautiful piece of

That is a beautiful piece of lace. Very impressive.

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Thank-you. Randy



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click me for bookmark

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Thanks, I used the same

Thanks, I used the same address but my link doesn't work properly for some reason.


That is great and what I

That is great and what I need. Small projects to get me accustomed to the thread. Thanks. I read about where the pattern is but I do not get that. So I will ask again, where is the pattern to be found? Thanks so much.

Banjo Lee Jones