Cabled Hexagon Afghan Progress

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Making progress. The next hexagons will add to the length. Don't know if you can tell, but the cables get one twist looser going from the center out, making the central "star" bigger. I wanted it to sort of open up as the eye moves from the center to the edge. Don't think it really works though...


That really is very nice and

That really is very nice and the neat thing is not having to join them with sewing or crochet. Beautiful.

Banjo Lee Jones

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Everything is beautiful.

Everything is beautiful. How do you join the hexagons? Sewing or crochet?

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Actually neither. They are

Actually neither. They are knitted flat on two needles from the outer edge inward. Each side of the hexagons have 34 stitches, so for the first one, I cast on 34x6= 204+2 salvedge stitches. Simple enough, but after that is when the magic begins so that the piece grows with each hexagon. Stitches are picked up from the edge(s) of neighbor hexagons already done and the rest are cast on to make up the 206 needed for all six sides. Very slick and doesn't really take too long at all. I really like this method and think I'll be using it again on future projects.

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okay - that does it. You

okay - that does it. You *MUST* write this up. It'd be a great article for the Men Who Knit e-zine.

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I love it! The geometry is

I love it! The geometry is fairly complex, but the overall effect is simple elegance.

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Thanks for the positive

Thanks for the positive feedback. Don't know why, but it just feels good!

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Absolutely incredible! Is

Absolutely incredible! Is it an original pattern (and are you going to publish it, if it is?!)

I think the twist opens up wonderfully, although you may be right, it might not continue to work if you make the afghan really big. On the other hand, I'm a trial-and-error designer, so take what I have to say as a grain of salt.

Grace and Peace,

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Thanks! The design is a

Thanks! The design is a variation on one by Norah Gaughan published in Vogue Knitting. Her design is for a short jacket made of interconnected hexagons - I made a few changes (mine is a hexagon and I vary the number of twists on the cable and of course, mine does not end up as a jacket...) but the idea is really hers.

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wasn't the jacket pentagons?

wasn't the jacket pentagons? I would say your is different enough to qualify for anew pattern - though you can definately say it was "inspired by"
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Thanks. You are absolutely

Thanks. You are absolutely right! Yes, her's was a pentagon. That's what I meant to say. Cool, then I'll call it my own pattern!

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Stunning piece of work

Stunning piece of work

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That's gorgeous! What kind

That's gorgeous! What kind of yarn are you using? The pattern isn't obscured in the least and, dare I say, it pops!

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Thanks! I'm using a Yunteks

Thanks! I'm using a Yunteks yarn, 100% unbrushed wool, Alize Cashmira on size 5(european?) needles. Here's the company's web site:

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That is awesome! Your

That is awesome! Your afghans are amazing.


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Others have said it, but

Others have said it, but WOW!

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WOW! That is

That is incredible.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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WOW!! Absolutely great.

WOW!! Absolutely great.

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just beautiful

just beautiful