First time with circulars

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Got a set of "knitpicks" circular needles and tried EZ's Pie Shawl. Can't believe how quick it is to knit with circulars, although can't say much for the yarn colour. It's "Noro" Silk Garden shade 264


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I haven't been knitting all

I haven't been knitting all that long but I love circular needles. My favorites are the Addi Turbos. They feel so great and they are fast. Many of the gals I knit with swear by Knit picks because of the cords but I think I will stick with the Addi. They are pricey but well worth the investment.

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I love circs even when not

I love circs even when not knitting in the round. Hey, it's one less thing to drop! Plus I think the weight distribution on your wrists is better - and the whole project is more manageable. I have a few straight needles, but those are mostly some wooden ones for knitting when I'm time traveling for pay.

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I actually kind of like the

I actually kind of like the unusual color combinations and how it's working up in the striping. I'll be interested to see how the thinner and thinner stripes of color affect the overall look of the piece as the outer circle grows.

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I agree - the further out

I agree - the further out you go the longer it'll take you... on a blanket I'm working on right now, it's over 630 stitches to get around one time (eek!) -

I like the colors you're working with (not sure what kind of yarn it is but it looks like noro or something?) - if you really don't like it when you're done, you could always overdye it... it's a thought, anyway....


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Believe me it gets slower as

Believe me it gets slower as you go outwards....I kinda like the "target" effect you've achieved.