Help identify this stitch pattern please

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I have a friend that has posed a challenge - her grandmother passed away while knitting a baby sweater for a yet to be born great great grandchild - the lineage is all a little confusing to try to write - but the jist of the story is that there's no pattern and only the back was completed - my friend would LOVE to get the little baby sweater completed - and I know that we can figure out the sweater pattern issues, but I'm not sure what the stitch pattern it! The back is completed, and one front piece was started - we have a sample of it completed (she made one for every child) so I have an idea of how it needs to be constructed, but I don't know what this stitch pattern is... If anyone has any idea, please email me and let me know what it is... once I find this out, the rest is easy! It's part of the family history that this wonderful lady would knit each newborn a sweater - and we want the future first great great grandchild to have this sweater that was started for him/her.. Thanks for any info you can offer - I have looked online and in my stitch dictonaries with no luck....


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I'd definately deconstruct

I'd definately deconstruct it.. I guess that's what "tink"ing is. Unknit it for for a few rows...just use a very small a 3. It's really pretty easy....I think you'll find there's nothing to it, too.
Good luck. I bet you could take it to a local knit shop and have someone help you out.

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The best my resources tell

The best my resources tell me is that it's some sort of floating diagonal stitch. I recently knit a dog sweater that was in a mock cable pattern that had a similar pattern, except the repeats were stacked vertically and didn't travel across the work. The repeat on it was to slip a stitch, knit 1, yarn over, knit 1, pass the slipped stitch over the three stitches (k1, yo, k1).

From the looks of your photo, the float isn't that long so maybe it could be a slipped stitch, yarn over, knit one, pass slipped stich over.

I'll keep looking to see what I can find. I love a good challenge!

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How about a shot of the

How about a shot of the reverse? That should tell us if they are slipped stitches with floats or if they are psso

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It really looks like one I

It really looks like one I found on a machine knitting site...

1) *knit 7, slip 2 purlwise / yarn in front; repeat
2) (and all ws purl
3) slip 1, *knit 7, slip2
5) slip2, *knit 7, slip 2
7) k1, slip 2, *knit 7, slip2
9) k2, slip 2, *knit7, slip2


MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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looks like a slip stitch

looks like a slip stitch pattern of some sort....I think there is a YO in there somewhere and then either a slipped stich or the YOu is passed over sweveral stitches, -=and the pattern shifted one each right side row?

The partial front, could you tink back and figure it out that way?

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tinking back on the partial

tinking back on the partial front is a good idea - I am personally not that good, but it is a good idea for someone else to try... I know we won't use the partial front - her gauge is WAYYYY tight... we thought we'd bind that off and just have it as a remnant... to keep with the sweater or something...

Thanks for your input - I'll try the pattern you suggested and we'll see what happens... if anyone else has suggestions, I graciously accept them!