It's confirmed...

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I'm crazy, I'm half way up the back of this sweater and I already bought more TOFUties to make a second sweater LOL

But here is a pic so you can see how it looks so far... I really like the color. ..its a bit longer than that but you get the idea so far...

I decided that when I get to the arm holes I'm going to switch it up and do the rest of it in Reverse St. st...Thought it might add a bit of texture to it you know...


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I am not disparaging your

I am not disparaging your photo in the least... however, I miss Princess Kitty!!

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Figured everyone might like

Figured everyone might like to see what I look like LOL

yea I thought the color would look ok with my skin tone...this is a big deal for me since black takes up 95% of my woredrobe!

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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Looks like you're well on

Looks like you're well on your way. Pretty color. Are you designing your own pattern? Nice picture of you, too. Glad to see the new pix.