Two Topics: 1. pattern request 2. knitters'...shoulder?

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1. the pattern i'm looking for is from Dale of's the damask pillow. I've looked high and low, and even checked a few yarn shops (one still having to get back to me). so i turn to you guys (and gals) to see if you have any leads or have the pattern itself.

2. anyone ever heard of knitters shoulder? i have this weird pain in the joint of my collar bone near my shoulder; it used to only happen during long periods of not knitting, but now i get it a few times throughout the day. help?


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so..i've been relaxing and

so..i've been relaxing and stretching that shoulder a lot lately...since before this post, and now it just aches all the time :(

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I know my left shoulder will

I know my left shoulder will sometimes ache. I am finding myself subtlely raising it for some reason. So I have to make the effort to relax it a bit.

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thats the thing,

thats the thing, kilgoretrout: i've had several people monitor my posture while i knit, and i'm not doing anything different with the shoulder of my knitting hand than i am w/ the shoulder of the other hand.
i do stretch every so often. most of my knitting happens in between calls @ work, so every time i get a call i stop knitting and crack knuckles and stretch while reading the script.

*to thine own self be true*

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I had problems with my

I had problems with my shoulders until I switched to continental knitting and now have no problems at all, I can also knit much faster.

Can't help with the pattern.


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I find it helps to make sure

I find it helps to make sure I get up atleast once every half hour to stretch my arms, shoulders and neck a bit when knitting. Try to observe your body (and posture) while you're knitting and find places where you are not relaxed. Knit slow and practice consciously relaxing those areas while you go. Its worth it to change your habits, especially if you're knitting often!