DP Needle Case

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Recently, someone asked about storing and organizing DP needles.  I just received this DP case from patternworks.com.  It is made of canvas, very sturdy and well-stitched.  It will hold 3 different lengths for each size.  I bought it because the sizes are stamped in both metric and US on each individual sleeve.  The entire case folds up and closes with a tie.  This evening I finally organized all my DP's in this and it's very nice indeed.  I don't use DP's often but it's nice to have them organized for easy access.  And, yup, almost all my DP's are Addi's!


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Looks great! However it

Looks great!

However it takes the 'fun' out of using the Biblical method of 'seek and ye shall find' your needles. No more hunting...now did I leave them in the sack with the leftover yarn from the socks I made last year, or did I put them in the drawer with the stash, near that never started project that needed that size, etc....

I have lots of doubly pointy sticks, and I'm not afraid to use them...ladders anyone??? ;-P

I think I may have to acquire one

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I love it. It looks like it

I love it. It looks like it would accommatade dpns in both lengths and 16" circs.

I wish I were knitting now.

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Very nice!  I haven't

Very nice!  I haven't acquired enough needles yet to warrant that kind of organization.  But when I do, I will most likely put my sewing skills (and machine) to use and make my own.