finally - lace

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Well here it is. It seemed to take forever but it was really just a little over a week but then I had all that time in the car on the way to Taos. The yarn is a silk wool blend and was OK to work with and blocked nicely. The pattern is called the Mead Scarf by Elizabeth Morrison. A pretty easy 12 row pattern that didn't take long to commit to memory.

Now I'm looking for something a tad more complex. I got some great lace weight stuff while I was in Taos and I can't wait to get working on something new.


mead scarf detail.JPG255.55 KB


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Thanks all for the

Thanks all for the encourging comments. And, yes, I'm have a new addiction.


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The scarf is beautiful.

The scarf is beautiful. Very vibrant.

Such a handsome scarf. The

Such a handsome scarf. The pattern is intriguing. It would have taken me MONTHS! Thanks for sharing. Who gets to wear it; you or your partner?

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Well it was supposed to be

Well it was supposed to be for my cousin who is going through chemo but I'm not sure if it will work for its intended purpose. We'll see.


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Welcome to the wonderful

Welcome to the wonderful world of lace. You've done a great job on the scarf, it looks beautiful.

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Great work. I think you're

Great work. I think you're a natural. Welcome to the wonderful world of lace. (I'm quietly thinking to myself, we got another one. Yea!) Look forward to seeing your next project.

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Looks Great Scottly! Since

Looks Great Scottly!

Since you are looking for something 'a tad more complex' have you looked at MMario's designs? They look good, and some are not that intense. I have made 'Faux Spanish Lace', as have others here. I have his 'Queen Anne's Lace' queued up, but not yet started.

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Thanks. Yes, I believe the

Thanks. Yes, I believe the silk portion is a noil at least it feels like that with a bit of a satin sheen. It really has lovely depth, I'm sure I'll use it again.

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Silk-wool! YUM! I like the

Silk-wool! YUM!
I like the pattern - it's not *quite* a plain old zig-zag...but close enough to not make it look like a mistake...

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Interesting you shoud say

Interesting you shoud say that. The photo with the pattern did look like a much crisper zig zag. The original was done in alpaca so I don't know if that's the difference or that my blocking technique has problems.

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Beautiful scarf, very well

Beautiful scarf, very well done!


The scraf is beautiful and

The scraf is beautiful and the colour is gorgeous. Has it got a slight sheen, or is my monitor freaking out again?