Finished At Last!

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Just finished an afghan I started last spring. I haven't been working on it consistently, but finally got to a point where I just had to put all other projects aside until this was finished.
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It's a gift for my partner's birthday, this August. I crocheted an afghan for him for his first birthday we celebrated together, and it's received a lot of use. He's been hinting, very loudly, that he would like another. I've been working on this while traveling on the road with work, so he has no clue that I've been working on it. I think he'll be both surprised and happy.


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Link to pattern: Artful

Link to pattern:

Artful Elegance Afghan:


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Thanks for posting the link

Thanks for posting the link Randy. Thanks also for your comments. I certainly urge you to get this pattern on your needles if you've considered it. It starts really fast, and it's a snap to learn the pattern. Hope to see your finished afghan in the days to come!

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amazing work, and would love

amazing work, and would love to get the pattern for that, well done

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Wow, awesome job... I

Wow, awesome job... I haven't really wanted to do anything quite that big, but maybe I'm changing my mind!

Could you point us toward the pattern?!

Grace and peace,

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i thought the same thing.

i thought the same thing. of course, my wips list and next projects list grows faster than my bank and calendar. yikes

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Everything about that afghan

Everything about that afghan is so beautiful. Congratulations and lucky partner.

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Beautiful! I have admired

Beautiful! I have admired that pattern since I first sawit, I love your color choices.


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Wow! What a beautiful piece

Wow! What a beautiful piece of work. I like your color choices and the design is very intriguing. Can you tell us where you got the pattern?

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just beautiful darlin

just beautiful darlin

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Must have more details!!

Must have more details!!

Now that is a nice, manly

Now that is a nice, manly afghan. Wouldn't mind one myself. Be proud of yourself. You did an awesome job.

Banjo Lee Jones

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I really like the looks.

I really like the looks. Was that knit in the round, log cabin style or ?

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Hi Mario. Thank you for your

Hi Mario. Thank you for your comments. This was started on size 8 DPN's, and then I switched to circular's: 24", 42", and 60", and knit it the round. I like that it does have a quasi log cabin feel to it, which satisfies my need for a folk style, but the offset in the color rounds kind of gives it a more modern/urban look at the same time.

WOW, that looks great.

WOW, that looks great.