Is there a glossary of terms to understand blogs

I have discovered that I am behind the times when reading blogs and spending ages trying to work out what the abbreviations mean. I usually end up giving them a 'google' as they say to help with translation. I did not realise that IMHO was in my humble opinion! Another example LYS is Local Yarn Shop. Mind you you can have hours of enjoyment coming up with outrageous meanings! Is there a glossary out there?


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My favorite is "ROTFLMRIAO"

My favorite is "ROTFLMRIAO" which translates to "Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Royal Irish Ass Off"

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I like OoNEU (pronounced

I like OoNEU (pronounced OH-NO!) which stands for Object of No Earthly Use

FOOD (finished object - original design) is a good one too!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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A funny related story is an

A funny related story is an older lady I know began ending all of her emails with LOL (which means Laugh Out Loud for those not fluent in netspeak) So I finally asked her why she signs her emails that way. Her response was she thinks it's nice to wish people Lots Of Love at the end of your email to them. I LOLed!

Asbjörn's picture or or are helpful you could also just type a question into google e.g. "what the hell does ROTFLMAO mean?" . IMHO, it's an irritating trend that is here to stay so we might as well brush up on it. _____________________________