Pattern or project suggestions?

Once I;m done with my current scarf i'd like something more complicated, first off learning how to purl probably.  But then, something easy but more interesting would be fun, any suggestions?   also, sorry for seemingly capitalizing the beginners forum lately. oops, guess i should advance in skill eventually.

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If you are able to and it is

If you are able to and it is offered, think about a class at a local yarn shoppe.  Could be a hat, an intermediate class, socks or jump in the water and take a sweater class geared to first timers.  The camaraderie of the group is also helpful and can be stimulating.  Of course, base it on cost and whether you feel comfortable at the LYS.  No need to apologize for asking questions.  That is what the site is for.  Happy knitting.  Keep us updated on progress.

Knit away, knit away

Knit away, knit away

Well said. 

Well said. 

When I was first learning to

When I was first learning to knit, I bought some kitchen cotton and a book of dishcloth patterns.  Dishcloths were great for learning because they were small projects that finished quickly, yet they were complicated and varied enough to increase my knowledge and confidence.  Plus, we have a drawer full of great dishcloths and extras to give away as housewarming gifts.

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Dan,  Please don't

Dan,  Please don't apologise for anything; we are all beginners in one way or another.  The MWK site is brilliant for giving advice and assistance to everyone.  I appreciate all the assistance I receive from other members here, both those who are advanced and those who've knitted for less time than I have.  With time, practice and a little concentration you'll advance so quickly that you'll be amazed!  Cheers,  Jesse

Try a hat in a

Try a hat in a back-and-forth pattern. You will need to know knit, purl, decreasing stitches, and sewing knit fabrics by hand in order to complete such a hat. That leaves increasing stitches of the basic things that knitters should know.

Have you had a chance to look at That site has videos (short, one or two minutes long each) on just about any common knitting technique. A great way to learn, as it is much easier to visualize what the teacher is talking about.

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Paz y Respeto

Paz y Respeto