Puckered Stitches

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Uggh!!!! I am practicing my skills on a pair of fair isle mittens. I am following all of the rules and stretching out my stitches when changing colours. However, the damn thing is still puckered in spots. Is this normal? Will blocking cure it? When will I have just one nice flat piece? Will I ever be able to afford the covered vegetable dish in my china pattern?



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If they aren't bad puckers,

If they aren't bad puckers, blocking will work them out. If you stretch as you go along, that helps prevent puckers some. Can't wait to hear about your Italy trip, we are going in the spring.

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i agree with

i agree with Steve............experience takes care of the tension when doing fair isle and other multi color knitting. Blocking also takes care of minor puckers..........if it is major puckering I haven't found anything that works other than frogging and doing over. When I fair isle I always stretch the piece along the needle and up and down the piece every few rows to start adjusting and settling the stitches.

How expensive is your covered vegetable dish?

Have a great time in Italy.....we're going in September/October.


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The puckers are not major

The puckers are not major it's just sorta wavy before, and after colour changes. However, I could be mistaken and those actually are major puckers.
As for the covered veg., about $300. Of course, the pattern is from the 50's and is no longer made. Sigh....

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We can almost always find

We can almost always find what we're looking for of previous patterns, etc. on ebay! Have completed a Japanese antique dish pattern easily, but not cheaply! And can also fill in with other pieces from a French pattern that we use.

Hey fella, Have you seen any

Hey fella,
Have you seen any Zimmerman videos on color work? She has a real neat way of letting your carry-overs have enough "ease" (I guess you would call it). I found her video well-worth the cost because there are a number of really great tricks to many different problems I have been having for years. She is so practical and was a very intelligent woman as well. Check it out if you haven't already.
PS Buy yourself that covered vegetable dish--who deserves it more than you--whatever the cost!

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the issue of even tension

the issue of even tension grows with changing colors, both going to and switching back and whether your purls and knits are even. blocking helps some, but you will get more even as you get more comfortable.