Aran Weight Victorian Lace Shawl

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As you can see, I dropped my latest project for a different one. I ran across the Aran Weight Victorian Lace Shawl by Michelle Ciccariello on elann's website and knew I had to make it. I shown it to my wife and with her concent I ripped the 3 balls from her original shawl and started anew.

I started this project about 2 weeks ago and I've only completed the first ball ( for the 2nd time). I have run into problems with this pattern from the get go. The biggest problem was the "English Mesh Lace". Before I started I trolled the net to see what each pattern would look like and loved the results. Unfortunately the English Mesh never, ever turned out as expected. Over and over I worked on the pattern and failed in every attempt. I tried different needle sizes and still....

I finally desided to go to the source of the pattern. I went to my local library and as luck would have it, they carried Barbara Walker's, First Treasury (side note, I love this book). I went directly to the page where the pattern lied and I located the source of my distress (happy dance). Both ladies mention the need for mMultiple of 6 st repeat shown, + 1 edge st necessary at beg of all RS rows. The first 3 even number rows are exactly the same, but when we arrive on row 8.....

Ms. Ciccariello:
R8: * (K1, yo) twice, K1, sl1-K2tog-psso*, rep from * to *.

Ms. Walker:
R8: K2tog, * (K1, yo) twice, K1, sl1-K2tog-psso*, rep from * to last 5 sts, end (k1, yo) twice, k1, ssk.

You can all guess how happy I felt when this juicy bit of information dropped into my lap. ASAP, I got onto my laptop and re-charted this new information onto my excel file (thanks to the knitting font by Aire River Design, I'm such a geek).

As I mentioned before, I just completed my first ball and I'm trully happy with the results so far.

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Knit, boy! Knit!

Knit, boy! Knit!

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That's not the only error -

That's not the only error - if I recall correctly; There is a support group for this shawl on yahoo groups. With corrected charts and instructions.
Luckily - when I knit it I ignored their instructions and just went by the description.

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