Yard Sale finds and treasures...

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Ah, spring, Saturday morning and garage sales! Bless our supportive partners. Bill would come home with the most amazing things. Sewing machines, crochet hooks, fabric, yarn, knitting needles and any other fiber related items to feed my various addictions. He also managed to find several Weave-It Looms which I now cherish. Living in Turkey, well, the concept of garage sales doesn't really exist. (Me thinks it is a by-product of advanced American consumerism.)
So, a request - if any of you or your partners find Weave-It Looms for under $10 on your garage sale excursions, please consider picking them up for me. I'm toying around with the idea of conducting weaving classes here in Istanbul and would like to have at least 10 for teaching purposes. A friend is coming over the middle of August for a visit and he's agreed to bring stuff over for me. If you can help me out, send me a private message so we can work out the details. Thanks! And again, we love our supportive partners!!!


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Wow, those things still

Wow, those things still exist! I had one growing up in Beirut as a kid. I ended up inadvertently getting the long weaving needle stuck through my thigh one Saturday morning. I learned two lessons: don't misplace long pointy needles, and don't jump on the bed!


Think less, enjoy it more.

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Ouch! They are amazingly

Ouch! They are amazingly well made. I use the one that my grandma used. Still have any of those initial projects? Mine are long gone...

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so how does that board

so how does that board work?
weaving always interests me.

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Essentially you "

Essentially you " thread/wrap" the loom with the warp and everyother weft. Then you use a long needle to weave the rest of the warp in between the wefts that you wrapped. I think YouTube probably has some demonstrations. By varying the type/color of yarn on the layers you wrap, you can get some interesting results. Also, you can weave in many different designs. It is fun and somewhat mindless, but I find it very relaxing. Also reminds me of my dear grandmother everytime I pick up my loom.

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ah! i think i might look it

ah! i think i might look it on youtube.