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A week ago, at our Friday evening KTog at The Gifted Purl in West Dundee, IL, we had a bit of a birthday celebration for MWK's very own Patchworkjester. Ben turned a whopping 24 years old!!

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Happy Belated Birthday, hope

Happy Belated Birthday, hope you had a good one.


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24???? I think I have socks

24???? I think I have socks that are that old!!!! But they aren't hand-knit socks. Have a happy one PWJ! Rememebr, you're not getting older, you're getting better.

So where does the line form to give the birthday boy his birthday spanks????

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Hehe. Thanks everyone!

Hehe. Thanks everyone!

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I think I have some clothing

I think I have some clothing that's that old...Happy belated!

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i am working with a youth

i am working with a youth group age 14-21 for the second year in a row (a drum and bugle corps) i was mortified at the winter when i realized the jacket i was wearing was older than anyone there... yikes

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Happy Birthday Ben. I can

Happy Birthday Ben. I can just remember when I turned 24, longer ago than I like to think.

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Ganbatte! Happy Belated

Ganbatte! Happy Belated Birthday Ben.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
Happy Belated Birthday!