Pistachio scarf

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I finished it yesterday. Nothing flash but i still like it.
I think i might knit a few the same way. I like the texture.

[thankyou to everyone that helped me with the cobalt blue yarn hunting!]


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whats funny is i'm in the

whats funny is i'm in the process of re-using my 1x1 (30 sts wide) seed-stitched blanket panel (instead of doing the whole blanket all at once) as the "new" yarn for the "wild oak cable" i fell in love with.
the blanket/afghan is made out of lion brands wool-ease bulky, knitting on size 11 rosewood needles, but the cables are done on size 13 to help with the tightness.
i'll post pix of all WIPs soon, i promise

*to thine own self be true*

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Love the green and the

Love the green and the texture - what is the stitch?

Does your lys carry Lamb's Pride by Brown Sheep? If so they make a lovely cobalt blue in both bulky and worsted and (at least in the states) a retailer can place an order of only one skein if they want - there isn't a minimum requirement.


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Its just simple ol' moss

Its just simple ol' moss stitch.

i have no idea about Brown Sheep. ill look it up.

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What about Bendigo

What about Bendigo woolens?


Bendigo don't have a Cobalt,

Bendigo don't have a Cobalt, but in their Colonial range they have a very nice 'Regal' and in the Classic range 'Prussian' is a very nice blue. Both are pure wool. I can recommend their alpaca range. I am knitting with it at the moment.

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That green is beautiful.

That green is beautiful. Did you use moss stitch to get the texture? Very nice scarf!

Can you get Cascade 220 yarn in Australia? I just got some in their color #9484 "Stratosphere". It is a deep cobalt blue that is well saturated. Here's a link:


It is 4 ply worsted weight, so I'm not sure whether or not that would meet your needs. Good luck in your hunt!


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if i find out that i cant

if i find out that i cant get all these yarn brands here im going to cry because that yarn you just suggested is perfect colour.
someones pointed out a brand from a shop in melbourne. im picky so i hope its the the right one and not a shade off or something!

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I love that green colour.

I love that green colour. What yarn is it?

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Its Jo Sharp 8ply in the

Its Jo Sharp 8ply in the shade of pistachio. im colour blind so sometimes its brown and sometimes green to me so its sort of like two colours in one! haha