Goodbye Floppy Neckbands!

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Hey guys, long time no post! I've been lurking around though : )
Recently I expanded my knitting technique repertoire with hemming a neckband..... and now I will *never* do it any other way! It was a whole lot easier than I thought and my neckband is strong and sturdy, yet stretchy. Not only that, but the seam that runs along the inside of the neck-hole is now totally concealed by the folded over neck-band! I used the instructions from Nancie Wisemans "The knitters book of Finishing Techniques"... I highly recommend the book to anyone who's ready to take their knitting to the next level...


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What a really useful thread!

What a really useful thread! I've used this technique on the bottom hem of a vest, but not made the connection until now that it'd work on a neckband... I may just go an unpick the bind-off of something I've just finished and give this one a go.

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I am sorry...please help. I

I am sorry...please help. I don't understand at all what you're describing in this thread.
Thank you! Love to learn new things.

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The basic idea is to knit

The basic idea is to knit the neckband twice as long, then fold it in half to the inside and sew it down. This makes the neckband twice as thick and much stronger. Just binding off the neckband is easier but it tends to stretch out over time and look "warped". Neckbands on tshirts and machine knit sweaters are almost always folded over and sewn down. Doing it on your hand knitting makes your work look that much more professional and sturdy!

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AH!!! All is clear to me

AH!!! All is clear to me now. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me. Very kind.

Instead of just binding off

Instead of just binding off your neckband after, say, 1" of ribbing, you make the neckband double. Basically, after knitting the neck band (let's say 1") you purl a row (for the fold over) and then continue knitting for another inch, bind off and stitch the neckband down on the inside. I usually knit a couple of rows on waste yarn and then stitch each live stitch down as I pull out the waste wool stitch. The other comments are describing different ways of doing a double neckband to avoid bulk. Hope this helps.

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Wow I guess I discovered

Wow I guess I discovered that late in the game! But I didn't have a "shirley", I've had to discover these things on my own! To avoid the bulk, switch to smaller needles after the purled turning row. ALso, do the inside in Stockinette, not ribbing.... that will also reduce bulk.
What's the next trick to learn? I'm not sure, actually....

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I also like to switch to a

I also like to switch to a different/contrasting color of yarn for the inside of the collar. It gives it a very finished look.

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oooh thats a really good

oooh thats a really good idea! *writes in design notebook*

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Although I haven't knitted a

Although I haven't knitted a sweater in many years, I always used the folded over/hemmed neckband. I guess I never figured out why people don't use that technique. It gives a much better finished sweater. Then again, maybe I just had a great teacher so many, many years ago -- for which I'm grateful. She's also the one that taught me how to seam pieces together. Thanks, Shirley, wherever you are.

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I'm also a big fan of

I'm also a big fan of hemming collars. It's a bit more difficult to do on v-necks, but I prefer it anyway.

The only time I don't really like a folded-over/hemmed neck band is on a bulky sweater. I find it looks too...well, bulky.

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Yes, it's possible. Once I

Yes, it's possible. Once I get to the bind-off edge in the instructions, I do a purl row (for a fold-over line) and then change the decreases to increases. I also usually do two more rows on the inside collar than called or on the outer collar so I have a little overlap on the inside.

Here's a not-very-clear picture of a shallow v-neck sweater I did with a folded over collar:

[img_assist|nid=5718|title=Shallow V-Neck Sweater|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=200|height=144]

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That makes a lot of sense;

That makes a lot of sense; thanks! I wonder if you shifted the knits to purls and the purls to knits on the inside collar then the inside would "nest" better with the outside?

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I'm currently knitting a

I'm currently knitting a V-Neck vest -- and didn't think it possible to do a folded-over hemmed neck band. Is possible? Pattern calls for a k1, p1 ribbing.

Glad you found this easy way

Glad you found this easy way to improve the look of your neckbands. I have used this all my knitting life (as per my granny's instructions) and when knitting in very fine yarns I use it also for the button band on cardigans. What will you try next to expand your repertoire?