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Finally finished my first project, a simple fisherman's rib scarf for my bf (that's him wearing it). Just in time for summer. :)


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What a great job for your

What a great job for your first project. I, too, love making scarves - it's the best way for me to learn a new pattern and it also an excellent way to rid yourself of those onesie and twosie hanks from your stash. I can always find an appreciating home for a pretty scarf. I made one simalar to yours for my husband this past winter except it was a k1 pi rib but also in olive.


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MMMM...looks cozylicious.

MMMM...looks cozylicious. Great work!

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It oftentimes begins with

It oftentimes begins with "just a scarf", but isn't the sense of accomplishment a rush?!? Soon it will be a pair or socks, a sweater, a hat and so on and so on..... Great job and welcome.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Very nice and it has a great form!

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Simplicity can be extremly

Simplicity can be extremly striking; and is certainly a classic.

I keep a scarf at the desk - sometimes the air conditioning gets going a bit too efficiently - and the scarf on the neck is just enough to compensate.


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I like how you write "a

I like how you write "a simple fisherman's rib scarf."

It is simply elegant, and you must be pleased with how nicely it came out. I love fisherman's rib for a man's doesn't curl in on itself, it looks the same on both sides, it's classic looking. Excellent choice.

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Looks good. What's the

Looks good. What's the color exactly. I like the color. You bf can be one of those people you see wearing some sort of piece of winter clothing all through the summer! :)

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It's an olive - karabella's

It's an olive - karabella's aurora 8 yarn.

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I thought it was something

I thought it was something other than black or dark gray. Greens... I love greens. They are my favorite. Nice job.

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You could always seam them

You could always seam them together into a sampler afghan; either horizontal or vertical strips; or in a log cabin pattern

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