Hiking Boot Socks - Well, that's one way to look at it.

Just finished my interpretation of Michael del Vecchio's Hiking boot socks. Much of my interpretation was "huh?" since everything in the pattern after "preparing for the heel flap" was pretty much nonsense - at least to me, so I kinda had to wing it with formulae thereafter - but hey, that's why we make the first pair for ourselves, right?

As usual, click for the big version:

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Did pick up a couple of things along the way with these that will make the next pair all that much better. That hole you see at the corner of the heel, right by the ankle, for instance - have a good tip on that. Also learned how to make more durable toes and heels, and the next pair I'm gonna knit side-by-side on two sets of needles, counting rows for an exact match. But they are *darn* comfy. <grin>

Cons: Didn't get the toes to quite match, and didn't get the word on Nancy Bush in time to prevent the heel flap hole, think I decreased too quickly in the heel turn (they're a little pointy).

Pros: I like my heel. It's not del Vecchio's pattern, but I like it. Also, this is my first leap towards natural fibers, with Lion Brand Woolease 80% acrylic 20% wool blend, chunky weight. At 35 stitches for the cast on row, these are socks that go fast enough to make mistakes on - because the next pair is just a week or two away from done. Very handy for tweaking technique. Really, really like the ribbing on these (k3, p2).


P.S. - Why is there never a Costanza around when you need a foot model?

P.P.S. - Why does this blessed cat manage to get into every pic I take?


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Those look great. That hole

Those look great. That hole is easy to get but easy to avoid. That's what practice is for, right?

Great job.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

Thanks! If the rest of my

Thanks! If the rest of my knitting year wasn't already planned out, your sweater in progress would be giving me ideas.

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The sweater is part of my

The sweater is part of my "knitting without fear" resolution for this year. I resolved that I would do some sweaters this year no matter what.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste