a few my works (jerzy pl. from Cracow)

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I would like to show some of my last works. Sorry I can`t present them here. I `ve tried. Now I have used polish website (in Polish, unfortunatelly).


I hope it will be easy for you to look at them. Next one I will try to change form of presentation (in "MenWhoKnit")

Best Regards

jerzy pl.


great work. Thanks for

great work. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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That's some great work.

That's some great work. Thanks for sharing it.


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Can't wait to see the Kaffe

Can't wait to see the Kaffe piece when it is done - and the sweaters are wonderful. The second is very subtle in the picture is the cabling/texture as sublte "live"?

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Nice work. Have you been

Nice work. Have you been knitting for a long time?

I too enjoyed the Kaffe

I too enjoyed the Kaffe Fassett piece and the other examples of what you had created. Please keep up the good work. My only regret was when I tried to click on the 6 to show my appreciation of the photos, the computer told me I could only do/register that if I had an account! Well, never mind! At least I can show my appreciation of what you do here.

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Wonderful work................the colors are striking and stitchwork perfect on the first sweater. Beautiful colorwork on the Kaffe Fassett! Please keep us posted on your progress with that piece.


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Wow...your color work is

Wow...your color work is wonderful. I love the Kaffe piece and the interesting floral-like design on the front of the sweater is beautiful.