Darrel, your hat is so dope!

Your roomie just came over (we were having our Men Who Don't Knit meeting, as you know), and he was wearing a dope-ass hat that you just made!  I'm so glad that you not only made his stupid ass put a hat on his head before he left the house, but that it was such a fashionable and fun one such as your new hat!  I thought to myself, what a great hat...and then it dawned on me that I had seen those colors in a big ball of yarn. 

You like became a badass knitter like overnight.  Keep on rockin it!

sweet...i make robert wear my

sweet...i make robert wear my stuff out as well, and he has gotten good at pushing the product...

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I'm glad you liked the hat! 

I'm glad you liked the hat!  Frank is my marketing machine...  he's already gotten me a paid knitting gig to make some custom wristbands.  I'm going pro, man!