A hat to match...

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I had quite a bit of left-over yarn, so I made up this little hat to go with the blanket. There was no pattern so I just matched some of the patterns in the blanket itself. Not sure though, might be much... a little overboard. How about a scarf!!


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Impressive work. I like

Impressive work. I like it.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog You did a great job, you did something that I would have done myself. What fun!

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OMG that hat is so cute.

OMG that hat is so cute. Please do a follow up pict with the hat on the baby and the baby on the blanket.

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I think the hat is GREAT!

I think the hat is GREAT! And I love the fact that the whole thing is so non-traditional. I mean, who made the rule that says baby stuff has to be pastel? Fantastic job!

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Ok, Frank, slow down and

Ok, Frank, slow down and breathe. Try it again (the slowing down and breathing). You're wearing me out. Okay - thanks I feel better now.

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It's funny... probably do.

It's funny... probably do. The blanket really used only a tiny little bit over 1/2 of what the pattern called for. Curious.

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Do you have enough for

Do you have enough for leggings? Or Booties? Perhaps a little cardigan?