Next Project - another counterpane...

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As I approach the end of a project, I start planning the next because I know that dead time between projects is not good for my mental health. (I think I've discovered that I like to knit pieces and stitch them together - it must be associated with my disorder:-))

So while Googling for ideas, I found pics of a Norah Gaughan pattern in Vogue Knitting I loved her cable pentagon design but I want to use hexagons - no filler pieces needed. I made a couple of alterations and knitted a hexagon. I'll play with this until have something I really like then pick out my yarn before I go the the Agean coast next week. While there I'll spend my days on the beach and my evenings knitting. What a life!!


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I like. What does the flip

I like. What does the flip side look like?


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Thanks. The back is

Thanks. The back is presentable, but not great - purls, back of cables and the center is concave.

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I was thinking, this is just

I was thinking, this is just a thought, that you could back it like MMario did his clerical stole. It would end up having a really nice weight like and old fashioned lap rug. It's gonna be cool whatever you do.


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Thanks! I'm thinking about

Thanks! I'm thinking about using a provisional cast on and constructing it in one piece. But still pondering that. It may just get too confusing...

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Are the hexagons knit flat

Are the hexagons knit flat then? or In the round?

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Knitted flat. My knitting

Knitted flat. My knitting technique hasn't changed since Mom taught me as a kid. I use two long needles. Maybe one day I'll learn how to knit properly so I can knit in the round, but in the meantime, all of my creativity is limited to flat knitting...

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I commend you on your

I commend you on your ingenuity. I thought the pattern in Vogue was amazing, and even considered making it, just for the artistry of it. But your idea is a fantastic application of the basic design.