Sock wars ...again

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Well, it was raining yesterday, so I sat down with the pattern.. My "victim" incidentally, lives walking distance from one of my clients.

I'm using knitpicks sock essentials machine washable wool AND Noro Kureyon Sock... I had planned on doing the cuff, toe, and heel in the KP (which is deep red, to follow)... and the body of the sock in the Noro (orange, yellow, blue, purple, indigo, deep red, brown colour way... but I quickly discovered that

A) The sock pattern could be written better\
B) The stitch pattern only really shows to it's best advantage with a yarn that does short stripes, not a fade over many rows from colour to colour.

Also, I discovered that my gauge was too big...I know the woman these are going to, and she's petite...the socks were so wide they'd fit me, but immense on her. (I wanted to include a card that said on the cover:
(and on the inside)
but no, I didn't frog it, but started over, going down from 2's to 0's to get a better gauge (If I manage to NOT snap one of these toothpicks in my bearpaws, it will be a miracle!) and I'm alternating between the noro and the Kp on the body of the sock, which shows off both the zig-zag effect of the stitch AND the fade design of the noro (and stretches out the expensive Noro yarn. I'm liking the effect. I'll probably change the design slightly and do kilt socks with calf shaping for myself.



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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog You need an assistanct/helper to make you tea and keep you company! lol! I will hold the yarn for you!

Seriously now, I have zeros and 00 and 000 and I think that it will take me a long time before I can use them, because I have a very tight tension. You should also consider less stitches at higher needle gauge. I rather do it on a # 3 than a 0 lol!

Yeah... I got about halfway

Yeah... I got about halfway through the first heel flap when my assassin let me know she was finished. LOL...

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Isn't knitting relaxing?

Isn't knitting relaxing?