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Do you get advice/help mostly from books, online sites, local yarn store or friends?

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My local yarn shop when I

My local yarn shop when I started years ago was a big help.  I use the Ann Budd books as reference and like them a great deal.  And I have used other books for reference and inspiration - such as the Barbara Walker ones.  But probably other knitters have been the most useful - sharing tips with each other - encouraging new things to improve technique.  I will experiment and rip out .  So I guess I have to say probably yes to all of it.   MWK is a terrific site for information and wealth of sharing ideas.

Being an avid reader, I

Being an avid reader, I prefer to use books for concepts and general theory of knitting.  But, my knitting group is great for learning a technique. We usually have a ball of odd yarn and some medium needles handy to demonstrate techniques during an evening session. Sometimes the debates get heated when two people disagree over the "best technique" for a particular situation. I have learned more by sitting down with a few people than I could have believed.

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I'd have to say that I

I'd have to say that I probably have gone to books more historically, but I've also gotten a lot from the glbt-knit listserv, as well, and will search for info on techniques online quite often, too. Having a partner who's a designer doesn't hurt, either, and I'll often bounce ideas off David to get his input (whether I end up following his advice or not). I also don't mind a bit of trial and error in the process, as I tend to be an experiential learner.

Being relatively new to

Being relatively new to knitting, I use the knittinghelp.com site (all directions in video format and free.)  I have been able to find explanations for pattern abbreviations techniques there.

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I get most of my tips on the

I get most of my tips on the internet.  Between everyone on the web there are surely all the reference books.  Besides MenWhoKnit I also use www.knittinghelp.com.  They have videos showing techniques and a very active forum.  When in doubt I always turn there.

 I would also reccomend the reference book "The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns" by Ann Budd.  Great reference book for basic patterns in all sizes and gauges.  A great platform for making your own original creations!!

It depends on the

It depends on the information or advice I need.  I use a lot of books for ideas.  This includes foreign language books as they often use different techniques and I have a large collection of vintage books that I use for reference. I use wool shops for advice about wools and yarns - they're quite a fount of knowledge. Of course, it goes without saying,  I've learnt more from this site and you guys than any other I've come across!

All of the above.

All of the above.