Kumo or bust!

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I started a new cardigan this morning called Kumo.

It was in the Summer of '05 issue of knitty...here is a little link for you guys!


I decided that I wanted a fun sweater I can wear around camp when I'm out in Cali in a few weeks and I thought this would set out out in a mass of 2500 other cyclists...

I'm doing it in black..of course ;-) and i thinkits going to look swimming on me if I say so myself...

And on a even beter note can we say CRAZY?!?!?! I have raised over $3,800 for this ride...I rock lol


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I really like the design!

I really like the design! Looks like something I would wear all of the time, so it very well be my first garment knitting project. How is it progressing?

You could totally add the

You could totally add the Kanji symbol for "knitting" (shown here http://kodymayknits.blogspot.com/2007/12/japanese-kanji-knit-chart.html) as your intarsia!

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Are you doing the Intarsia

Are you doing the Intarsia design as well? What kind of fiber are you using?
Good luck! It looks like a lot of knots to knit in a short time.

THAT's fantastic! I really

THAT's fantastic! I really respect your motivation... it's really great that you would do something like this!

In other news -- I've been wanting to tackle this project for a while.... please let me know how it goes! I, however, want to extend it to make it a full sized robe.